Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions

Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions

UPF is a public, international and research intensive university, at the level of the best European universities. With excellent indicators in scientific output, as in the case of open access theses. 

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If you are a doctor of Universitat Pompeu Fabra and you want to publish your thesis at TDX, contact with For more information check Publishing theses in TDX, and the frequently asked questions (in Spanish).

Recent Submissions

  • Oliveira, Thays Aparecida de (Date of defense: 26-11-2020)
    This thesis addresses on research accomplished and published during the last five years on the state-of-the-art about the development on Smart and Digital Cities. The world population has been increasing and conglomerating ...
  • AbuRa'ed, Ahmed Ghassan Tawfiq (Date of defense: 16-10-2020)
    A related work report is a section in a research paper which integrates key information from a list of related scientific papers providing context to the work being presented. Related work reports can either be descriptive ...
  • Wilhelmi Roca, Francesc (Date of defense: 07-10-2020)
    The Spatial Reuse (SR) operation is gaining momentum in the latest IEEE 802.11 family of standards due to the overwhelming requirements posed by next-generation wireless networks. In particular, the rising traffic requirements ...
  • Casamayor Pujol, Víctor (Date of defense: 09-10-2020)
    This thesis presents a new paradigm for RFID-based inventory robots. This map-less operation increases the operative autonomy of the robots as they no longer require a mapping step. This new paradigm is based on the ...
  • Nogueira, Mariana (Date of defense: 05-10-2020)
    Following-up on patient evolution by reacquiring the same measurements over time (longitudinal data) is a crucial component in clinical care dynamics, as it creates opportunity for timely decision making in preventing ...

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