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Recent Submissions

Variability in the health status and reproductive traits of European sardine stocks in the Mediterranean. Implications for fishery management 

Caballero-Huertas, Marta (Date of defense: 2023-05-26)

Small pelagic fish play an important ecological role mainly due to their contribution in transferring energy from low to higher trophic levels. Likewise, the capture of these species is in many cases an important nutritional ...

Molecular insights into mammalian sperm physiology: a comparative study of glutathione S-transferases in male reproduction 

Llavanera Bruguera, Marc (Date of defense: 2023-05-12)

Male infertility is a global health problem affecting one in four infertile couples. This also has a negative repercussion on the animal breeding industry, where infertility has a detrimental impact on their balance sheets. ...

Anàlisi dels elements de contenció de l’endeutament a les administracions públiques locals 

València Arévalo, Ivan (Date of defense: 2023-06-16)

The work begins by carrying out an analysis of the indebtedness of the economic units, in order to assess their financial structures; the main theories developed are set out, which define the basic guidelines when referring ...

Characterization, improvement and application of plant elicitor peptides as new control tools against plant pathogens 

Foix Pericot, Laura (Date of defense: 2022-07-14)

La família de les Rosaceae comprèn espècies d’alta rellevància econòmica, com ho són les espècies de fruiters de clima temperat, ornamentals i medicinals. El seu cultiu, però, es veu limitat per la propagació de diversos ...

Medical imaging techniques for the analysis and measurement of composite materials 

Julià i Juanola, Adrià (Date of defense: 2022-11-11)

The purpose of this thesis is the research and development of methods, algorithms and tools for the analysis of composite materials. In order to improve their properties, one must employ specific techniques in order to ...

Three bibliometric analysis articles on the application of compositional analysis theory (CoDa) in the social science 

Navarro-López, Carolina (Date of defense: 2022-11-14)

Compositional data analysis is a recently applied methodology with great potential for expansion in multiple scientific disciplines.This doctoral thesis aims to help the dissemination and transfer of knowledge about the ...

La transversabilidad normativa de la salud como derecho 

Ricou Casal, Mónica (Date of defense: 2023-07-19)

This doctoral thesis has the ambitious challenge of studying how social, labor, technological and environmental changes affect the reformulation of the right to health. It has become clear during the Covid-19 pandemic the ...

Study of two analogues of pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide as novel therapeutic compounds for Huntington’s disease 

Solés Tarrés, Irene (Date of defense: 2023-06-14)

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder with no effective treatment characterized by motor discoordination, deficits in cognitive function (acquiring new knowledges, memory, understanding…), and ...

Novel insights into paternal factors influencing the maternal environment and embryo development 

Mateo Otero, Yentel (Date of defense: 2023-06-13)

For many years, reproductive outcomes were considered as being solely determined by the genome of oocytes and sperm. Yet, in the last decades, many other female and male factors have also been found to be relevant. Focusing ...

Analysis and modeling spatiotemporal events on complex spatial regions 

Chaudhuri, Somnath (Date of defense: 2023-06-09)

Spatial statistics is traditionally based on stationary models like Matérn fields. However, applying stationary models to complex spatial regions having physical barriers like islands or coastal areas can result in ...

Del censal al debitori: continuïtats i transformacions en el crèdit hipotecari català en l’etapa final de l’Antic Règim (regions de Barcelona i Girona, 1768-1840) 

Villalón Barragán, Sebastià (Date of defense: 2023-06-09)

The objective of this report is to study causes and consequences of substituting annuity for obligation in the final period of the Ancient Regime in Catalonia (1768-1840), affording special attention to the regions of ...

Computational strategies for understanding the molecular basis of biochemical and biocatalytic processes 

Calvó-Tusell, Carla (Date of defense: 2023-06-02)

Enzymes are molecules that play a crucial role in many biological and chemical processes. To understand how they work and how to design enzymes with specific functions, it is important to study their molecular structure ...

Imaginación visual: nuevo paradigma en interfaces cerebro-máquina 

Llorella Costa, Fabio Ricardo (Date of defense: 2023-06-01)

This doctoral thesis focuses on the study of the use of visual imagery for the construction of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) non-invasive. Although the construction of brain-computer interfaces is already is a reality, ...

Perspectiva diacrónica de la prefijación locativa intermedia del español 

Ramos Jiménez, María Begoña (Date of defense: 2023-03-29)

This research describes the evolution that the prefix inter has undergone from Latin to current Spanish, while focusing on the formation models of the derivatives generated by the prefix and on its meaning. Thus, we can ...

Estudi de l’alliberació del calci intracel·lular en cardiomiòcits derivats de iPSC de pacients amb taquicàrdia ventricular polimòrfica catecolaminèrgica (CPVT) 

Carreras Gorgals, David (Date of defense: 2023-05-30)

In a small region of the island of Gran Canaria, 11 cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD) were registered in emotional or physical stress situations in young individuals between 1994 and 2007 in four seemingly unrelated ...

New approaches for the study and treatment of aggressive cancers 

Polonio Alcalá, Emma (Date of defense: 2023-05-17)

Although there are therapies for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and epidermal growth factor-mutated non-small cell lung cancer (EGFRm NSCLC), these two subtypes of cancer are very aggressive, and most patients develop ...

Caracterización mediante métodos inversos numéricos y correlación digital de imágenes de las propiedades elásticas en el plano de materiales compuestos laminados producidos con fabricación aditiva 

Arbeláez Toro, Juan José (Date of defense: 2023-04-26)

In recent years, additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing) have been introduced in different fields, such as locomotion and bioengineering, among others. Extrusion by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or Fused ...

Rhodium-catalyzed cyclization reactions of 1,5-bisallenes involving alkenes and alkynes: experimental and theoretical studies 

Vila Vadrí, Jordi (Date of defense: 2023-04-21)

The development of novel catalytic methodologies involving the formation of carbon – carbon/heteroatom bonds to produce cyclic systems constitutes a field of great interest in the modern synthetic organic chemistry. Over ...

Confraria, gremi i col·legi d’argenters a la Girona d’època moderna 

Montroig Cruset, Sara (Date of defense: 2023-04-14)

The present work, based on unpublished documentation such as the Llibre del Collegi de Argenters de Gerona sots invocasio del Glorios St. Aloy, y St. Anastasi of the Biblioteca de Catalunya, focuses on the study of the art ...

The environmental management systems as a tool for integrating the principles of the circular economy within manufacturing firms 

Barón Dorado, Alexandra (Date of defense: 2023-04-11)

This thesis analyses the contribution of Environmental Management Systems (EMS)'s in adopting Circular Economy (CE) principles in manufacturing companies. It explores different aspects such as the reporting and communication ...