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Recent Submissions

Cambios en la práctica formativa del profesorado a partir de una formación continua en la modalidad de educación a distancia 

Fauth, Fernanda (Date of defense: 2022-07-18)

This doctoral thesis is the result of an educational research that stems from an interest in analysing the learning transfer process of an online technopedagogical teacher training offered by a higher education institution. ...

Estratègies cinegètiques i aprofitament animal en el pas del MIS-3 al MIS-2 al nord-est de la península Ibèrica 

Rufí Casals, Isaac (Date of defense: 2022-07-15)

So as to understand how hunter-gatherer communities faced the climatic deterioration that ended in the last glacial maximum, the research of this PhD thesis is focused on the study of osteoarchaeological remains retrieved ...

La interculturalidad crítica como propuesta político-pedagógica liberadora: nuestra experiencia en Shere Rom 

Zhang Yu, Cristina (Date of defense: 2022-06-13)

In this doctoral dissertation I analyze the intercultural model in education in the context of Catalonia, addressing the political, theoretical, and practical dimensions in which it materializes. To do so, I am based on ...

Conservation ecology of headwater streams: a case study from the Pyrenees 

López de Sancha, Alejandro (Date of defense: 2022-07-07)

Pyrenean headwater streams are singular ecosystems with a particular seasonal pattern. They sustain a unique biodiversity especially sensitive to environmental change. Because of this, their ecosystem structure and function ...

La función social de las orquestas sinfónicas en el siglo XXI. Un modelo educativo integrador para las orquestas españolas 

Ropón Mesa, Esther (Date of defense: 2022-06-07)

The Orchestras, that in the past times reflected the economic growth and welfare of cities, are nowadays evolving towards a more participatory model, a precursor of cultural projects with a twofold aspect. The first one ...

Aplicació del model Lean Healthcare en la gestió de blocs quirúrgics: model Vall d'Hebron de gestió quirúrgica 

Sales Coll, Marc (Date of defense: 2022-07-13)

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate, analyze and interpret the results of a series of interventions applied in the surgical area with the aim of increasing the productivity and efficiency of the care activity. A ...

El comportament prosocial i la seva relació amb el benestar subjectiu en el col·lectiu de persones grans 

Serrat Graboleda, Eva (Date of defense: 2022-06-30)

This thesis aims to know if prosocial behaviours such as volunteering or selfless help to others contribute to the elderly to stay active and productive and how this is related with their subjective well-being. In addition, ...

Computational studies of epoxide hydrolase-catalyzed ring-opening reactions 

Serrano Hervás, Eila (Date of defense: 2022-07-20)

Chiral 1,2-amino alcohols are motifs widely present in different high valuable biologically active compounds. Many synthetic and enzymatic routes have been developed for producing optically active amino alcohols starting ...

L’àcid úric, el greix perirenal i la mida renal com a nous marcadors de risc cardiovascular en població pediàtrica sana 

Martínez-Calcerrada, José María (Date of defense: 2022-06-16)

Despite notable advances in health promotion over the past decades, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, with obesity being a rising contributor of it. Cardiovascular risk factors appear in ...

Dans l'ombre du démarrage industriel: les manufactures des maisons de charité. L'Hospice de Gérone et la bonneterie de coton en Catalogne (1750-1830) 

Mutos Xicola, Céline (Date of defense: 2022-06-27)

The charity institutions of the early modern Europe have not traditionally been seen as spaces with an economic, and particularly manufacturing, dimension. Although they housed a variety of craft workshops with the aim of ...

Personalidad psicopática y conducta antisocial en población penitenciaria penada. Estudio de los mecanismos de desconexión moral, la inteligencia emocional y la psicopatología asociada 

Brugués Català, Glòria (Date of defense: 2022-06-17)

Among the dysfunctional personality patterns, one of the most unknown in the prison context is the psychopathic personality. While there are numerous studies describing the characteristics and manifestations of the ...

La normatividad de la costumbre. Normatividad, racionalidad y arbitrariedad 

Mattei-Gentili, Piero (Date of defense: 2022-06-07)

This doctoral thesis consists of an analysis of custom as a source of norms, as well as the implications that this has when we affirm that custom is a source of law and that, therefore, among the norms that make up the law ...

Study of the anticancer activity of a nuclear directed HP-RNase variant and different metal-based compounds 

Bravo Bonilla, Marlon Rolando (Date of defense: 2022-06-16)

Cancer is the leading cause of death due to non-communicable diseases worldwide. Despite the advances in the development of new antitumor drugs, there are still problems such as the resistance that tumor cells acquire ...

Bienestar subjetivo en niños, niñas y adolescentes que participan en programas públicos después de clases en Chile 

Ditzel, Ana Loreto (Date of defense: 2022-06-07)

This doctoral thesis aims to explore different aspects of the subjective well-being of children living in conditions of social vulnerability and participating in after-school programs in Chile. To this end, an investigation ...

Producción, caracterización y aplicación de nanofibras procedentes de pulpas de alto rendimiento con elevado contenido de lignina 

Serra Parareda, Ferran (Date of defense: 2022-06-02)

Nanocellulose is a sustainable nanomaterial with outstanding physico-mechanical properties, a fact that confers the nanomaterial a huge potential in sectors such as the papermaking, nanocomposites, aerogels for selective ...

Electrochemical control and minimization of hydrogen sulfide formation in anaerobic systems 

Sergienko, Natalia (Date of defense: 2021-10-13)

Formation of hydrogen sulfide represents a major challenge in the operation of wastewater collection systems. Hydrogen sulfide is malodourous and toxic gas, which causes corrosion of pipes, wells, and constructions, hence ...

Capital intelectual y reporting financiero en España 

Mayorga Ávalos, Myriam Jimena (Date of defense: 2021-03-05)

Current accounting regulations do not allow intangible assets owned by companies to be fully accounted for in the Financial Statements. The objective of this research is to determine the relationship between the hidden ...

Un Marte en armas. Vida del capitán Francisco de Aldana 

Nievas Rojas, Adalid (Date of defense: 2022-06-02)

This doctoral thesis constitutes a biography of Francisco de Aldana (1537-1578). The search for, and location of, documentation on this great Hispano-Florentine poet and soldier in numerous archives and libraries has made ...

Los valores de la creatividad y del goce artístico en el imaginario del docente de arte 

Cagigós Villacampa, Núria (Date of defense: 2022-02-25)

Education in values is a cross educational process that develops unique, responsible, and socially conscious individuals who in turn form civic, democratic, and tolerant societies. In this context, art is one of the main ...

Los conflictos de jurisdicción entre la Administración y los tribunales. Evolución histórica, análisis y propuestas de lege ferenda 

Aurich Taberner, Jordi (Date of defense: 2022-04-05)

Conflicts of jurisdiction, currently regulated in articles 38 to 41 of the LOPJ and in Organic Law 4/1987, of July 15, represent an oddity in the spanish constitutional system, particularly due to the especial features ...