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    Violencia entre pares en el contexto escolar (bullying) y bienestar subjetivo: factores de riesgo y protección para la salud en la infancia y adolescencia 

    Carneiro de Alcantara, Stefania (Date of defense: 2017-01-16)

    The general aim of this doctoral dissertation is to analyse the relationship between peer violence in the school environment, subjective well-being and other psychosocial factors from the individual, family, school, and ...

    Viure o sobreviure? La vida quotidiana de les persones amb dany cerebral adquirit i les seves famílies des de la perspectiva dels agents implicats 

    Gifre Monreal, Mariona (Date of defense: 2014-01-14)

    People with acquired brain damage and their families are described as silent epidemic because, although they have extended their survival, no psychosocial long-term means have been increased to improve their quality of ...