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    Un viaje en el tiempo : análisis e interpretación del proceso didáctico, proyectual y constructivo del Museo Nacional de Antropología de la Ciudad de México 1964 : señalética en el diseño de los plafones : innovación y vigencia 

    Torres Sánchez, Patricia (Date of defense: 2016-01-19)

    The central topic of this document is the morphologica l analysis of the false celling fixtures designed for the exhibition areas of the National Museum of Anthropology in México city from 1964 -a piece of work by the ...

    Uniones y elementos de conexión para estructuras con bambú: clasificación y desarrollo de un prototipo de conexión 

    Aguilar Larrinaga, Roberto (Date of defense: 2022-11-04)

    (English) Bamboo is a material of great importance in different civilizations of Asia and Latin America. Its use goes from the roots to the leaves, which are raw material to make edible products, furniture and construction ...

    Urban cemetery biophilic integration for human well-being : an applied case study of Tehran, Iran 

    Mirbagheri, Mahsa (Date of defense: 2021-05-25)

    Cemeteries are an ancient reality, and while their basic function has not changed, their physical layout as well as the symbolic and emotional role within our societies has undergone profound transformations over time. The ...