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Enviaments recents

  • Rong, Zhouting (Data de defensa: 04-05-2017)
    Un or (I) catalitzada per ciclació polyenyne es va desenvolupar per permetre la formació de fins a quatre enllaços carboni-carboni en un sol pas. L'abast d'aquesta transformació es va explorar i es va trobar que 1,5-enins ...
  • Imdad, Kashif (Data de defensa: 17-07-2017)
    This thesis presents the results related to high frequency modeling of power transformers. First, a 25kVA distribution transformer under lightning surges is tested in the laboratory and its high frequency model is proposed. ...
  • Imam, Ayman Amin (Data de defensa: 20-07-2017)
    The term Underused Urban Spaces (UUS) refers to spaces within urban areas that have become unused, or that are being used to a lesser degree than they could or should be. The emergence of such spaces has therefore encouraged ...

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