La chimenea solar : parámetros de diseño de un sistema pasivo generador de movimiento de aire


León Vázquez, Juan Carlos


Coch Roura, Helena

Isalgué Buxeda, Antoni

Date of defense



157 p.


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Tecnologia de l'Arquitectura


The solar chimney is a climatic conditioning passive system. This can generate air movements in a room by means of solar radiation. These air movements can amplify the comfort zone increasing human habitability conditions at high air temperature and humidity rates, main characteristics of warm tropical humid climate. Although this device has extensive diffusion in literature related to energy efficiency and environment, its real application in architecture is limited. This research aims to identifying the design parameters affecting the performance of the solar chimney, by studying the device morphology as well as the position of the openings involved in the air flow path. The evaluation process begins with the implementation of a basic model within the DesignBuilder software, establishing some calculation points, mainly the point called HAB that emulates the user's position within the room. Subsequently, the construction of an experimental model, which collects the results of the simulation stage, evaluates the behavior of the solar chimney in the generation of air movements to the center of the room and in the entrance opening of the chimney for a complete annual cycle. It is possible to evaluate its performance in different climatic scenarios. Finally, comparison of the velocity records for the points of calculation of the experimental model with those calculated by Design Builder to determine the degree of approximation of the computer tool.


Solar chimney; Natural ventilation; Warm humid climate; DesignBuilder; Cross ventilation; Chimenea solar; Ventilación natural; Confort térmico; Clima cálido húmedo; Ventilación cruzada


69 - Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure; 72 - Architecture

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