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Enviaments recents

  • Aghaei, Maedeh (Data de defensa: 13-07-2018)
    Wearable photo-cameras offer a hands-free way to record images from the camera- wearer perspective of daily experiences as they are lived, without the necessity to interrupt recording due to the device battery or storage ...
  • Martín i Díaz, Jordi (Data de defensa: 19-09-2017)
    During the collapse of Socialist Yugoslavia and amid a concomitant process to ethnically divide Bosnia, Sarajevo suffered through a siege which after three-and-a-half years resulted in a completely new social, political ...
  • Sanchis Villariz, Ana (Data de defensa: 25-07-2018)
    The central topic of this thesis has been the study, development and validation of diverse multiplexed diagnostics platforms and techniques that can be applied to a wide range of topics, from environmental monitoring to ...

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