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Effect of Cpt1a deletion in the mediobasal hypothalamus in response to physical activity and aging 

Ibeas Martínez, Kevin (Data de defensa: 2022-11-04)

[eng] Food intake and energy homeostasis are tightly regulated by the brain through a complex neuronal network located in the hypothalamus. Within this region, the mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH) acts as an interface between ...

Unveiling the therapeutic potential of THC in endometrial cancer 

Coll Iglesias, Laura (Data de defensa: 2022-11-23)

[eng] Endometrial cancer represents the most common cancer arising from the uterine cavity and there is little hope for patients with recurrent or metastatic disease. Prior studies of our group reported autophagy pathway ...

A temporal and pragmatic analysis of gestures-speech association: a corpus-based approach using the novel Multimodal MultiDimensional (M3D) labeling system 

Rohrer, Patrick Louis (Data de defensa: 2022-12-16)

Human language is essentially multimodal in that speakers use multiple channels to convey meaning, including speech prosody and gesture (e.g. Mondada, 2016; Perniss, 2018). In the last decades, studies within the field of ...

Strategies for harnessing the maximum cold potential of a hybrid system for radiative cooling and solar collection 

Vilà Miró, Roger (Data de defensa: 2022-11-25)

La transformació i l’ús d’energies és essencial per al funcionament de les societats contemporànies. Però aquest ús va lligat, des de la Revolució Industrial, a emissions de gasos d’efecte hivernacle que han modificat el ...

Brain states in health and disease: insights from neuroimaging and theoretical neuroscience 

Escrichs, Anira (Data de defensa: 2022-12-12)

Spontaneous brain activity persists and transitions between brain states, such as from wakefulness to sleep, from development to ageing, or it may transition to pathological states such as coma. Nevertheless, a consensual ...