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Innovación y co-creación como impulsores de la participación de los jóvenes en la gobernanza sostenible del turismo 

Andreu Aparicio, Herminia (Data de defensa: 2023-11-21)

This research is an exciting immersion into the world of co-creation and its potential to drive innovation in sustainability within tourism and heritage education. Through the methodology of participant observation in the ...

New tumour markers for pancreatic cancer based on the altered glycosylation of serum glycoproteins 

Duran Sidera, Adrià (Data de defensa: 2023-11-14)

Pancreatic cancer (PaC) is the deadliest of all tumours, with a 5-year survival below 12% and a mortality/incidence ratio of 94.5%. One of the main reasons behind this dismal prognosis is the diagnosis of the disease at ...

Understanding investor reaction to sustainability news in energy companies: fossil vs renewable vs nuclear, tone effects, and COVID-19 impacts through a multi-study approach using event study metholology 

Barroso del Toro, Alberto (Data de defensa: 2023-07-06)

(English) This thesis provides empirical evidence, with an unprecedented sample size, that sustainability news moves the stock market, particularly positive news related to fossil fuels. The findings confirm that there is ...

Aspectos endocrinológicos y caracterización del tejido ovárico en personas transgénero masculinas. Implicaciones en la preservación de la fertilidad 

Borrás Capó, Aina (Data de defensa: 2022-06-03)

[spa] La presente tesis está centrada en dos aspectos en relación a la población transgénero masculina: - Valoración de los efectos histológicos, hormonales y ováricos de la terapia hormonal de afirmación de género en ...

Energy management systems for smart homes and local energy communities based on optimization and artificial intelligence techniques 

Barja Martínez, Sara (Data de defensa: 2023-07-07)

(English) The rapid advancement of digitalization, combined with the integration of renewable generation and the development of information and communication technologies within the distribution network, is accelerating ...