Universitat de Barcelona

Universitat de Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia, catering to the needs of the greatest number of students and delivering the broadest and most comprehensive offering in higher educational courses. The UB is also the principal centre of university research at a state level and has become a European benchmark for research activity, both in terms of the number of research programs it conducts and the excellence these have achieved. Its own history closely tied to the history of Barcelona and of Catalonia, our university combines the values of tradition with its position as an institution dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence: a university that is as urban, outward-looking and cosmopolitan as the city from which it takes its name. Welcome to the University of Barcelona. We hope to see you very soon!

If you are a doctor of Universitat de Barcelona and you want to publish your thesis at TDX, contact with tdx@ub.edu. For more information check the frequently asked questions (in Catalan or in Spanish).


Recent Submissions

  • Zajková, Zuzana (Date of defense: 20-01-2020)
    Movement is a fundamental component of behaviour and thus both are inextricably linked. Variation in movement patterns usually reflects different behaviours, including those most glaring, such as foraging, dispersal, ...
  • Lagarde, Julien (Date of defense: 17-01-2020)
    The human genome contains an astonishingly large fraction of noncoding DNA, which is pervasively transcribed into thousands of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) -- long transcripts with no discernible protein-coding potential. ...
  • Serrano Novillo, Clara (Date of defense: 17-01-2020)
    Voltage gated K+ channels (Kv) are transmembrane proteins that allow the pass-thorugh of potassium ions, regulating the electrochemical gradient of the cell membrane. This way, they modulate several physiological processes, ...
  • Turon Rodrigo, Marta (Date of defense: 17-01-2020)
    The symbiotic lifestyle represents a fundamental contribution to the diversity of marine ecosystems. Sponges are ideal models to study symbiotic relationships from evolutionary and ecological points of view since they are ...
  • Morera Pujol, Virginia (Date of defense: 17-01-2020)
    Movement is a widespread characteristic in the animal kingdom —occurring at many spatiotemporal scales— with consequences at an individual, population, species, and even ecosystem level. It is a very diverse character, ...

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