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  • Shi, Yuanyuan (Date of defense: 15-10-2018)
    La combustió dels combustibles fòssils ha causat problemes mediambientals i energètics a nivell mundial, la qual cosa influeix en la salut i les activitats humanes. Amb la motivació de contribuir per resoldre aquests ...
  • Martínez Corral, Rosa, 1991- (Date of defense: 28-09-2018)
    In this Thesis we have studied how dynamics and space modulate cellular behaviour, by means of mathematical modelling of particular biological examples. At the single cell level, we show how pulsatile input signals can be ...
  • Bas, Jesús, 1990- (Date of defense: 15-11-2018)
    Humans are social animals living in groups and tending to organize themselves hierarchically. This social stratification influences individuals’ social interactions, as well as their cognitive processes such as learning. ...

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